Red, White, & Blue 2015

I just love the 4th of July. There’s something so awesome about everyone spending time with their families, wearing matching red, white, and blue, and celebrating their freedom.

My office was closed on Friday, but I decided to take Thursday off as well and spend some one on one time with Ben. We went and saw Inside Out followed by a little lunch date. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, you’ve got to go pronto. Such a funny idea, but also a great message.

After almost a full week of rain, we woke up to lots of sunshine on Friday. We went to our beach club and both boys had a blast going down the water slide. And I know I’m totally biased, but are these two just the cutest!
This visit to the pool was extra special as it was the first time Ben didn’t need to be caught by a lifeguard after going down the slide. He swam all the way to the side by himself and you can hear Jack in the background cheering on his “bubba.”
After the pool we headed over to my parent’s house for a bbq and to shoot some small fireworks since there is a ban on shooting fireworks in our city limits. Lame.
Saturday morning was our usual donut run and then we got ready to head to our state capital for the Salute to America celebration. They block off downtown Jefferson City and the area around the capital and have all sorts of vendors, rides, games, food trucks, etc. I made sure my nails matched the festiveness I was feeling.
They had several different food trucks and carnival style foods and next year I won’t make the mistake of not getting Jack a corn dog. He not only ate mine, but two more throughout the day. That kid loves his food.
Jack and I rode his first carnival ride, cars that circled around a track, and the ride went on After almost 5 minutes, we were all ready to get off.
The nap on the way home was all the kids got that day before it was time to get ready to make the hour drive to J’s aunts house for more swimming, bbq, and the big fireworks. #countrylife
I made these “USA” brownies from Lisa’s blog, but her’s turned out way better than mine. Next time I think I’ll print a template instead of drawing one from hand. Anyone else see two Floridas and no Texas?
J always puts the show together and this year did not disappoint. Here is the finale.

I hope you all had a wonderful 4th!

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