Bucket Lists

Summer Bucket List

I hadn’t planned on making a Summer bucket list, but I feel like Summer is flying by so quickly that I want to make sure we make the most of it and do everything we want to do. Some of these we’ve already done, but here’s what we want to get in before Summer’s over.

//Visit 2 state parks//

This park is currently flooded, but hopefully it will re-open soon.

//Eat lots & lots of shaved ice//

//Attend the 4th of July Festival at our Capital//

//Swim lessons for the boys//

//Mini Vacation in Branson//

//Finish sanding and staining our deck//

//Explore and swim at Fugitive Beach//

//Cheer Ben on in the Mud Run Jr.//

//Spend lots of time at the pool//

//Get our ride on at Six Flags//

//Have a water balloon fight//

//Celebrate J’s birthday//

//Enjoy drinks and apps on our new patio furniture after the kids go to bed//

//Visit Tanganykia Wildlife Park//

Hopefully we’ll have time to squeeze everything in! What do you hope to still accomplish this summer?

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