1 Minute Way to Clean Kid’s Outside Toys

Am I a bad mom because I loathe having to get out our water table each year? It’s always filthy and has a film of who knows what on it. Not to mention the fact that you pretty much have to clean it after every use in case your kid decides to drink all the water in the table instead of actually playing in it. No, just mine?

If you’re like me and hate cleaning ALL the outdoor things, I have a quick 1 minute trick to get rid of the germs and grim. This not only works on water tables, but even lawn and riding toys. I bought this adorable mini table and chair set from my friend off a mom swap site, but it needed a good cleaning and this 1 minute technique made it super simple and ready to be put to use. So let’s get to it..

What You’ll Need:
-Dawn dish soap (or an equivalent)
-Old bristle paintbrush
-Hose & Water

Complicated Instructions:
1. Squirt dish soap onto the outdoor item, making sure to quirt a little into the hard to clean crevices
2. Use the paint brush to “paint” the soap onto the item, really working in between those hard to reach places.
3. Rinse with hose

And that’s it. It’s amazing how much faster the paintbrush makes it and I don’t have to worry about trying to fit my hand or a washcloth into all the little nooks and cracks.

Next I’m thinking about trying this method out with the kids at the end of the day. I’ll report back and let you know about what my neighbors thought of me painting my naked kids in the yard with soap.
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