$10 DIY Spooky Halloween Mantel

    I don’t know if it’s quarantine and Covid or if I’ve just fully embraced the holiday, but this is the first year I’ve decorated for Halloween. We’ve always had pumpkins and the occasional fake spider, but this year I felt inspired to go spooky and even embrace skeletons to create this super easy mantel. And the best part is, it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg 🙂

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    5 Senses DIY Valentine Gift

    J and I have celebrated 13 Valentine’s Days together. That’s 13 years of trying to find new and creative ways to let J know just how much I love him. After so many years together it’s easy to get stuck in a rut or by-pass the holiday altogether. We are pretty predictable in how we celebrate; J usually gets me flowers, we go to a nice dinner (on any day but the 14th to avoid crowds) and I get him something small like a bottle of booze or underwear.

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    10 Minute Air Fryer Easter Eggs

    It’s no surprise that I LOVE our air fryer. Not only does it make your favorite fried foods a little healthier, but it cuts the cooking time down significantly. My sister recently tagged me in a post about making delicious hard boiled eggs in an air fryer. This got me thinking about Easter and how much I loathe the process of getting our eggs ready to dye. That’s when I had the idea! What if I use our air fryer to create the perfect Easter eggs? I’m happy to report that not only did this work, but it took just 10 minutes from start to finish.

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    Creating the Ultimate Aldi Cheese Board

    It’s no surprise that I love a good hunk of cheese so a board filled with it is pretty much heaven. Cheese boards are perfect for happy hour, while you’re waiting for dinner to finish cooking, or when you don’t feel like making dinner at all. 

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    Silk Tie Dyed Easter Eggs

      As much as I love the typical color dyed easter eggs, these silk tie dyed ones took our eggs to the next level. I was just as excited as the kids when we finally unwrapped the finished eggs to look at the patterns.