• Summer Bucket List 2022
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    Summer Bucket List 2022

    It’s my favorite time of year which means it time for one of my favorite summer activities-making our summer bucket list of 2022! Each year we all choose a few things we want to do before the season is over and add it to the list. While it’s fun to see if we can check everything off, there’s also zero pressure if we don’t get to something.

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    Summer Bucket List 2021

    It’s summer which means it’s time for our 2021 Summer Bucket List! Although we still managed to have a lot of fun last summer during the middle of a pandemic, I’m so glad things are starting to return to normal!

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    Summer Bucket List Update

    I can’t even believe I’m typing this but for the first time ever we got to everything on our Summer Bucket List. I’m guessing it had something to do with the fact that we’re in a global pandemic and our weekends were wide open. Here’s everything we did!

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    Summer Bucket List Review | 2019

    Now that Summer is officially over, let’s see how we did on our Summer Bucket List. 1. Participate in the “Visit Your Parks” Challenge This kids were just not into this one. We spent lots of time outside, but given the choice between a park or the pool, the pool won every time.