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Summer Bucket List 2018 {Update}

Now that summer’s over, I always like to look back and see how many things we ending up doing on our Summer Bucket List.

//Explore 3 new parks//

We didn’t make it to any state parks, but we did try out several (new to us) city parks.Boys playing at a park

//Pizza by the Pool//

Labor Day weekend provided the perfect time for pizza by the pool. Friday night so quick and easy frozen pizza beforehand
Labor Day Kids eating Pizza by the Pool

 //Camp in our living room//Summer Bucket List Brother Camping in a tent Indoors

//Try as many flavors of snow cones as possible//Summer Bucket List Mom and sons eating Snow Cones Brothers eating snow cones Summer Bucket List Dad and sons Eating Snow cones

//Go one day without technology-all of us// FAIL

//Create the perfect S’Mores Bars//Summer Bucket List Making S'mores in the Oven

//Go Berry Picking//Summer Bucket List Blueberries on the vine Raspberries on the vine

//Visit the farmer’s market//Columbia, MO Farmer's market

//Enroll in the Summer Reading Program at Our Library//Brothers completing Library Summer Reading Program

//Grill the perfect steak//

After an unfortunate incident involving a frog in the grill I cooked our steaks on the stovetop. They definitely weren’t as good but I’m scared from grilling for a while.

//Watch a movie at the Drive In//

We passed on this one since there was never anything playing that the whole family could watch.

//Have a night-time swim party//

I have the 27 mosquitos bites to prove we were there at night 🙂Summer Bucket List Boys Swimming at the pool at Night

//Visit the state fair//

Not this year.

//Kids cook dinner//

The kids were super excited about this one but we never got around to it. I will be adding this to our fall bucket list though.

//30 Outfits in 30 Days//

I started this one and even took pictures but never finished the challenge.

//Make homemade ice cream//

Not only did we make ice cream, but it was so delicious I posted the recipe.Homemade Fresh & Sweet Strawberry Ice Cream

I’d love to hear how many things you did on your Summer Bucket List!

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