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Summer Bucket List 2019

I’ve been looking forward to this summer ever since last summer ended. The warmer weather, more relaxed schedule, and extended daylight just make me so happy 🙂 Like every year, I made a summer bucket list of things we hope to do this summer. Some items are repeats from previous years and some things are brand new.

1. Participate in the “Visit Your Parks” Challenge

Our city hosts a challenge to visit as many of the 40 playgrounds and parks in our town as you can and kids have the chance to earn prizes.

2. Camp in the living room, complete with S’Mores and all

This is on our list every year and one of our favorites!

3. Make homemade ice cream

Last year I made this delicious ice cream and I can’t wait to try out even more flavors this year.

4. Watch a movie at the Drive-In

5. Kids cook dinner

6. Take a family vacation

7. Try as many flavors of snow cones as possible

We really aced this one last summer and I have a good feeling we’ll do it again 🙂

8. Go berry picking

We tried out a new you-pick farm last year and can’t wait to go back.

9. Participate in the summer reading program at our library

10. Make a homemade slip and slide

My husband will be more than happy to get in on this one.

11. Be a tourist in our own state

Every year I say we are going to visit somewhere new and then time gets away from us. Two places we’ve talked about are here or here.

12. Make a summer sangria 

13. Go to an amusement park

14. Do 3 random acts of kindness 

15. Go fishing 

This list should keep us pretty busy but let me know if I’m forgetting something that’s a must do!

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