Summer Bucket List 2022
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Summer Bucket List 2022

It’s my favorite time of year which means it time for one of my favorite summer activities-making our summer bucket list of 2022! Each year we all choose a few things we want to do before the season is over and add it to the list. While it’s fun to see if we can check everything off, there’s also zero pressure if we don’t get to something.

Check out our previous years’ bucket lists here: 2021 | 2020 | 2019 | 2018 | 2017 And here’s our 2022 list!

  1. Trip to Boston & New York
  2. Living room campout (no matter how old they get, the boys love doing this one)
  3. Make 3 different flavors of homemade ice cream
  4. Night swim with glow sticks
  5. Drive in movie/movie at the park
  6. Road-trip out West
  7. Go ziplining
  8. Berry picking (I’d consider this a family tradition since we’ve been doing it for so many years)
  9. Find the perfect homemade pizza crust recipe (let me know if you have one!)
  10. Eat ALL the snow cones (or at least as many as possible)
  11. Turn the playroom into a hangout space
  12. Basement and main bathroom update (thanks to a recent water leak, we’re having some work done and clearing out/cleaning up this space)
  13. Girl’s weekend in Kansas City
  14. RV Camping with family
  15. Hard Seltzer Tasting Party at the pool (Thanks to Christina for the idea!)

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