4th of July Weekend Recap

This year was one of my favorite 4th of Julys. I took off work Thursday and Friday so we had an extra long weekend. We spent a lot of time with friends and family and it was nice not having anything we had to do.

To kick off the holiday I made a Triple Berry Pie complete with hand cut stars which is why they look a little wonky.

Triple Berry Berry Pie

On the morning of the 4th we met my friend Melissa and her boys at our pool. 

Kids and friends at the pool 4th of July
Cousins at the pool on 4th of July

After a quick lunch back at home, we headed over to my sister’s pool for swim #2.

Family in 4th of July Apparel
Kids playing outside 4th of July
Young boy holding a sparkler

Despite already swimming for 6 hours, the boys were excited to head to J’s aunt’s house for dinner and fireworks.

Brothers at the Big Tree in Missouri

On Thursday we spent a few hours at the library. Our library has an activity where you check out a book with a rock attached. You then hide the rock somewhere and post a clue on Instagram and other kids find it. The boys are really into it. That night while Jack was in the bathtub, someone posted a clue. They were so excited to find the rock that Jack jumped out of the bathtub and didn’t even want to get dressed. We compromised on pjs:)

Father and sons go cart racing
Mother and Son mini golf
Brothers playing mini golf

Friday night we surprised the boys with Go Karts and Mini Golf. The place we went completely revamped their space and added Go Karts. Ben was tall enough to drive his own car so he was in heaven. And despite Jack needing a par of 23 on most of the holes, it was a really great night as a family. The boys still talk about how much fun they had.

The boys stayed with my MIL on Saturday night and J and I did an escape room with some of our friends. We made it out with one minute to spare. I’m basically a detective now. For dinner last night I made this one skillet meal which turned out pretty good considering how easy it was to make.

And now Monday is here. Have a great week! Linking up with Biana for Weekending.

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