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DIY Shamrock Marshmallow Stamp

Every year around St. Patrick’s Day I start saying, “Top of the morning to you,” in my best Irish accent which is actually pretty terrible. Anyone else do this? No? Since I won’t be fooling anyone as a true Irishman, I’ve got a festive DIY that will help you and your child get in the St. Patrick’s Day mood.When I told my kids that we were going to make a stamp using marshmallows they were so excited you would have thought I said we’re getting a puppy. Not only did they love this craft, but it required almost no effort on my end which is always appreciated.

Note: I ended up adding some Rolos at the end and we gave these out to some of the kids’ teachers and friends. 

What You Need:

-A handful of jumbo marshmallows (it only takes one for the stamp but it’s nice to have a few extra just in case)

-Green paint (washable for your sanity)

-White paper or card-stock

-Rolos (optional)

-Hot glue gun (optional)

What to Do:

1. Dip the marshmallow lightly into the green paint (you don’t need a lot)

2. Press the marshmallow on the paper making three slightly overlapping circles

3. To create a stem, use the edge of the marshmallow and draw a thin line down

4. If you want to make a card, place small thin circles of hot glue one at a time and stick on the Rolos. (You’ll want to do very thin circles so the glue doesn’t melt the chocolate)

5. Add a saying, have your child write their name, and you’re done!Boy making stamp with marshmallowsDIY Shamrock Marshmallow Stamp

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