17 Months


You are 17 months old today! I wish I had started this blog from the moment you were born so I could write down all the things you did month by month although I did write a lot of it down in your baby book! You are getting so big and have such a personality. You still look like your daddy although this month you have become quite the momma’s boy. Last month it was more daddy, but this month you are all about me and I LOVE it:)

You talk all the time and no longer sign because you know so many words. You say at least 30 words and can repeat a lot more. Daddy and I have to watch what we say because you are always listening:) You know a lot of animal sounds: monkey, lion, snake, dog, kitty(you have been saying these for a while), and this month you learned cow, pig, and duck. You also know all your body parts and point to them when we ask you where they are, even your teeth. You even point to them on daddy and I. You run very fast and a lot of the times you are faster than me.

You love being outside and playing with balls. You have a special ball at our house and both grandparent’s house. You also love balloons and always seem to spot one, even if it is a mile away. You eat everything although you go through phases with certain foods. Daddy taught you to say candy and you say it all the time. Daddy and I learned a little trick though and have started giving you Trix cereal which looks like candy and you don’t seem to notice the difference…yet. You really like preschool, especially water play days and you can even say your friend’s names, Oden and Barrett. We go to the beach club almost every weekend and you make me go down the water slide with you no less than ten times.

You absolutely love taking a shower and always say “shower, shower” and go into our bathroom. When you and daddy take showers I will sit outside the bathroom door and listen to what you guys talk about. Daddy does a lot of the talking while you try to throw the shampoo bottle at his feet while laughing hysterically. You only take a ba-ba at night time and this month the bottle fairy will be coming to take the bottles away. Each night I rock you to sleep and I love just holding and kissing you. It makes me sad to get rid of your bottles because I know you won’t let me rock you anymore once they’re gone:(

You are the best thing that has happened to us and we love you sooo much and hope that you grow up and feel that love constantly surrounding you. I can’t believe you are almost halfway to being two and I wish I could just freeze time. No matter how old you are or how big you get, you will always be my little baby.

Love, Mommy

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