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    December Recap 2017

    Although Christmas was the big event of the month, we managed to squeeze in lots of other fun things in December as well. We started the month by going to a “Magic Tree” Lighting ceremony.

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    Ben {22 Month Update}

    Dear Ben, Even though this a few days late, better late than never, right? I cannot believe that in just 2 short months I will have a full grown 2 year old. I have a feeling these next 18 years 8 weeks will fly by all too quickly. It’s probably obvious, but no matter how big you get you will always be my baby. With each passing day you become more of your own person. You have likes and dislikes and are not afraid to voice them. You are talking in full sentences more and more. You tell me how the “moon goes night night” that “daddy jumped off the bed” and that you want…

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    19 Months

    Ben, What a month it has been. With each passing day you act more like a little boy and less like a baby. You definitely have your own personality and interests. At the moment you LOVE Elmo and daddy and I have such a fun surprise for you next weekend that involves a trip to see him. Your favorite word is “no” and you say it a hundred times a day. Everything is “no.” I asked you the other day if you wanted to go get ice cream and go to the park and you said “no.” Daddy asks you if you want to take your shoes off and you…

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    17 Months

    Ben, You are 17 months old today! I wish I had started this blog from the moment you were born so I could write down all the things you did month by month although I did write a lot of it down in your baby book! You are getting so big and have such a personality. You still look like your daddy although this month you have become quite the momma’s boy. Last month it was more daddy, but this month you are all about me and I LOVE it:) You talk all the time and no longer sign because you know so many words. You say at least 30…