Ben {22 Month Update}

Dear Ben,
Even though this a few days late, better late than never, right? I cannot believe that in just 2 short months I will have a full grown 2 year old. I have a feeling these next 18 years 8 weeks will fly by all too quickly. It’s probably obvious, but no matter how big you get you will always be my baby. With each passing day you become more of your own person. You have likes and dislikes and are not afraid to voice them.
You are talking in full sentences more and more. You tell me how the “moon goes night night” that “daddy jumped off the bed” and that you want “juice with water mama.” The cutest thing is when we leave the house in the morning and you turn to daddy and say, “bye,  love you daddy.”
You are a pottying maniac and go on the potty all by yourself. The past couple of days at school you have gone on the potty 2 or 3 times a day. We are so proud of you!
You can say and sing the entire alphabet. You can also count to 10 and you know all the colors and most shapes. You love to sing Ba Ba Black Sheep, Wheels on the Bus, and Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes. Before bed you often read to me. You can read Goodnight Moon and almost all of David Goes to School. You have become a lot more attached to your stuffed Elmo and bunny and you sleep with them every night.
You have also become quite a little nurturer. You hug your stuffed animals, pretend to feed them, and put them down for a nap. You like to pretend to take everyone’s temperature and when we ask you what it is you say, “normal.”
You are a pro at drinking from an open cup-so much that we trust you to have it around the house:)
You are still a wild man and love to run, run, run. When you are with grandma and grandpa you definitely wear them out-but that’s good for them-they need you to keep them young! And speaking of your grandmas and grandpas you absolutely LOVE them. You even say their names sometimes in the morning on the way to school. When I ask you where they are you tell me, “at work or home.”
I wish I could list all of the memories and your accomplishments these last 22 months but there are way too many. Just because I can’t write them all down however, doesn’t mean they won’t always be in my heart.
I Love You, 

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