Happy 4th Birthday, Jack!

Sweet Jack. My last baby and you’re already turning four. For some reason, you turning four is a hard one for me. Your dad and I always say that if all our future children could have your temperament you would have twelve more siblings.Joy is the perfect word to describe you. Joy for life, your family, and especially food 🙂 You’ve loved food since the minute you were born and if someone is eating something you always want to know what it is. Usually followed by, I want some. You still hate salad (lettuce) as well as cucumbers and raisins, and you are less than thrilled when those are snack at pre-school.

You’re a complete momma’s boy and I hope that never changes. I deeply cherish the bond we have and our nightly ritual where I say I love you, you say I love you more, I say I love you the mostest, and you always say no I love you the mostest mostest. I hope you never stop saying that to me. And although you love me an awful lot, you’re also pretty fond of your brother. You fight like typical brothers, but you know you can always count on Ben to help and protect you.

You love to talk about anything and everything and I love the way your “r” sounds like “w.” You are a homebody just like your daddy and while you like being outside, you’re not a fan of taking long walks or running 🙂 Your obsession with Paw Patrol has been replaced with Ninja Turtles and I can’t say I’m too sad about it. You like to color and cut out teeny tiny shapes which you think are the BEST CREATION EVER. Every time I pick you up from school you have little scraps you have cut out in your cubby and are so excited to show them to me.

And even though you’re turning four, I hope you’ll still let me hold you, read to you, and sing You Are My Sunshine before bed. I hope you’ll still want to sleep in our bed on the weekends and run up to me saying, “mooommmmyyy” when I pick you up from school. I hope you stay your sweet, funny, lovable self, and that you always know how very much we love you.

xoxo, Mommy4 year old flashback photos

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