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December Recap 2017

Although Christmas was the big event of the month, we managed to squeeze in lots of other fun things in December as well. We started the month by going to a “Magic Tree” Lighting ceremony.Mother and son at Christmas Tree lighting

And a few days later our elf, Sparkle, arrived on our doorstep with new Christmas pajamas for the boys.Elf on the Shelf Arrives at Front Door
Little brothers with Elf on the Shelf

We decorated gingerbread houses and Jack supervised (and judged) his dad’s house building skills.December Recap: Dad and sons building gingerbread houses Brothers deocrating gingerbread houses

We went to church and the boys listened to a Christmas story. This was also the visit that confirmed my feeling that it was time to find a new church.
Story time at church

My mother-in-law and I went on a holiday home tour and I fell in love with this particular house.December Recap: Decorated porch for Christmas

Ben decided he didn’t want to visit Santa this year (insert crying tears) so Jack and I went. We had about an hour wait and he did such a good job coloring while we waited.Boy visiting Santa Bass Pro

Little boy sitting with Santa Bass Pro Little boy looking at Santa Bass Pro

My work holds a door decorating contest every year and my colleagues out did themselves. How cute is this Candy Land theme?! After door decs we had an awesome 80’s holiday party.Candy Land themed work door decorations December Recap: 80's Theme Holiday Work Party

Both boys had parties at their schools and ate way too many treats.Boys school holiday parties

One night we drove around in our pajamas to look at lights and visit yet another “Magic Tree.”
December Recap: Magic Tree with thousands of Christmas Lights

I love a cranberry color during winter as evidenced by my skirt and lip color. I wore this to dinner with friends at a new restaurant. You know it’s going to be a good night when your drink comes with a pirate flag.December Recap: Woman in cranberry colored skirt Drink Barred Owl Butcher

One of the best things we did this month was adopt a family and go Christmas shopping for them. The family has a son who is Ben’s age so he had a fun time picking things out for him. This experience really helped Ben understand the importance of giving back and he even chipped in some of his own money from doing chores to buy a football.
December Recap: Present for an Adopt a Family

Christmas Eve Eve consisted of our annual cookie making and decorating.December Recap: Brothers decorating Christmas cookies

Little boy decorating Christmas cookies

And like usual, Jack ate way more than he decorated.Little boy eating Christmas cookie

And that leads us up to Christmas!

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