19 Months

What a month it has been. With each passing day you act more like a little boy and less like a baby. You definitely have your own personality and interests. At the moment you LOVE Elmo and daddy and I have such a fun surprise for you next weekend that involves a trip to see him.
Your favorite word is “no” and you say it a hundred times a day. Everything is “no.” I asked you the other day if you wanted to go get ice cream and go to the park and you said “no.” Daddy asks you if you want to take your shoes off and you say “no.” He asks you if you want to leave your shoes on, and you say “no.” It is actually quite funny.
You also love the moon and every night before bed you ask to go see it. Whenever it’s not out we ask you where it went and you say, “the moon went night night,” and you wave and say goodnight to it before you go to bed. I think you love it so much because of your Goodnight Moon book which we read every night as well.
You sat on the potty for the very first time and daddy and I were so proud of you even though you didn’t go. You love to play chase around the house, especially when you get out of the shower with daddy. It is so funny to see you streak through the house naked and laughing.
You know all the major body parts and we are working on elbows and knees. You love to read and you often go over to your bookcase, pull out a book, sit down, and start “reading.” We love when you read to us! You’re also great at puzzles and you can do your animal puzzle all by yourself.
Before we know it you will be 2 years old! Daddy and I can’t wait to see you experience all the fun holidays coming up especially going to the pumpkin festival and picking out pumpkins. We love you so much and even though we are a little sad that you are growing up so fast, we can’t wait to watch you grow. We love you,
Mommy & Daddy

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