Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

This past weekend was really relaxing. Saturday morning we got up and J mowed the lawn while Ben and I went to the grocery store. Right before we left, J and I were talking about how we wanted to get Ben a little basketball hoop, the kind that stands on the floor and and it can be lowered or raised based on the child’s height. Ben had played with one at a Parent’s As Teachers event we took him to and he loved it. As luck would have it, as Ben and I turned out of our drive way, I noticed the neighbors up the street were having a garage sale and they were selling one in almost perfect condition for $10. Despite playing with it all morning, I failed to capture a single picture.

That afternoon we lounged around the house and I got out Ben’s new crayons and coloring book. Warning: Mom fail ahead. I sat Ben at his little table to color while I finished getting dressed and blow dry my hair. When we go out to eat Ben likes to color and although he will sometimes try and eat the crayons, it didn’t even cross my mind that he might do that at home. Well, I was wrong. When I came out of the bathroom he had eaten a good chunk out of the blue crayon. As he said “uh-oh” and smiled at me, his mouth, teeth, and slobber were all blue. Good thing Crayola’s are non-toxic! Ben spit out all the big pieces, but a lot of the crayon was stuck in his teeth so I got out his tooth brush and we brushed away.

His toothbrush was bright blue but thankfully we managed to get all the crayon out of his mouth and teeth and I learned an important lesson, no more crayons unsupervised!

J’s mom planned to pick Ben up to stay the night with her and when he left, he turned around and said bye and blew us a kiss. It made me want to cry. He is growing up way too fast and it was such a big boy moment. The rest of the afternoon J and I lounged around the house and I finished these two books.

Definitely not “deep” books, but they were actually pretty good and a quick read. Has anyone read her third one yet?

Saturday night we tried out a new Mexican restaurant with our friends who just celebrated their one year wedding anniversary. After that we met up with the rest of our friends and played some pool. Believe it or not, we stayed out until 1:00am which is LATE for us and we went straight to bed the minute we got home. J’s mom brought Ben back on Sunday and we spent the whole day hanging out around the house and playing with his new basketball hoop. We ordered pizza for dinner which of course Ben loved. He also saw J dipping his pizza in French dressing and of course he wanted to do it too. J put a dollop on Ben’s tray and he went crazy. Also, how disgusting is pizza and french dressing. Ranch is the only thing I can get behind. Thank goodness daddy had bath duty that night!

Between the crayons, french dressing, and who knows what treats grandma spoiled him with, Ben was quite the little eater this weekend.

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