Just Another Day + A Haircut

Today was pretty uneventful. Ben woke up with some pretty crazy hair and we decided it was getting a little shaggy so J gave him a little trim.

Tomorrow I’m signing Ben up for the summer reading program at our library. We did it last summer even though he was only a few months old, it’s never too early to start reading, right? As part of the program you track the books you read along with activities to do with your child. When you reach a certain number of books and do a certain number of activities you get a small prize and last year we got to pick out a book.

I’m joining a bunch of other bloggers who will be participating in a blogging day of silence for Baby Cohen who passed away on June 18th. You can read more about his story on Megan’s blog. Tomorrow is Baby Cohen’s memorial and the moment of silence is an opportunity for the blog community to stand behind Megan and support her on this difficult day. I can’t imagine what she is going through and I pray that she will be able feel all the love around her. Hug your babies extra tight tonight.

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