Does it Work? Pinterest Hack {Cleaning Dirty Baking Sheets}

How many of you have pinned this? Maybe several variations of this? (Raises hand). After sitting on my board for far too long, I took the grimmest pan I could find and tested out this hack.
What Pinterest says to do:
 1. Mix 1/4 cup baking soda in a bowl and add the hydrogen peroxide until it creates a paste
2. Spread the paste all over the pan rubbing it in really good on those baked in stains
3. Wait for about 45 minutes, then use a wire bristle brush to scrub the paste
Following the directions, I let my paste soak and about 10 minutes in I began to notice the paste turning a light brown.
When the time was up, I took my brush and gave the pan a good scrub. And scrubbed some more. And then some more. But big spots were coming clean!
And the paste was absorbing the left behind grim.
After 20+ minutes of scrubbing the pan looked much better, but there was still noticeable spots left and it definitely wasn’t SPARKLING like some Pinterest photos lead me to believe.
The Verdict:
While this method did get rid of that baked on grim and the sheet was definitely cleaner, it was also SUPER labor and time intensive. For me, instead of doing this hack again I would probably just buy a new baking sheet since none of mine are super expensive. 
Have you all tried this? How did it work for you? Is there a different combination or method I should be using? 
Let me know and I may just test it out and post it on the blog 🙂 


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