A Brothers Love

One of my greatest fears when I was pregnant with Jack is that I would somehow be ruining Ben’s life. Dramatic much? I know.

Ben would no longer get my undivided attention and we would be brining home a baby who would require a lot. The baby was going to take a lot of our time, our love, Ben’s old playroom would be the new baby’s room, and we would no longer be able to leave the house at the drop of a hat.

A few days after bringing Jack home, I curled up in bed with Ben and attempted to read a bed time story. Not even one minute in Jack started crying. Once again I had to cut story time short and as I did I began to cry right along with my brand new baby. In that moment my greatest fear was coming true, I was ruining Ben’s life. Again, dramatic 🙂 I felt as if that one missed story would make Ben resent his little brother forever. But instead of getting upset or yelling, or joining in on the cry fest with us, Ben comforted his brother, gently rubbed his little head, and went to sleep on his own without so much as a grumble of resentment. 
In fact, from the minute Jack was born, there’s not once been a grumble. And for that I am so so thankful. Not only for how well Ben’s adjusted to a new baby and a different life, but I’m so thankful for the amount of love these two share. I’m not sure who loves who more and they both light up when they see each other.
Brothers. Perfectly designed by Him for us and for each other. 

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