5 on Friday

5 on Friday

Happy Friday! Let’s get to it.
I stumbled across this blog a week or so ago and can’t stop thinking about Kilee’s hair. I love the style, ombre coloring, everything! It doesn’t hurt that she’s also so freakin cute. I want to get my hair cut like this and try the ombre look again, but probably a little more subtle.
I am loving colored skinny jeans on Jack. I ordered him a red pair from Baby Gap this week when they were having an additional 50% off sale items online.
My friend got Ben this Ninja Turtle bath towel for his birthday and it is so soft. If I didn’t think he’d get upset I would totally use this for myself. 
A couple of weeks ago a Chick-Fil-A opened up about 30 minutes from us. I’ve eaten at one a couple of times on vacation and when I visited my sister in Georgia. Now I might get some slack for this but… I don’t think it’s anything super special or delicious. It’s definitely better than a lot of other fast foods and I like being how polite they are, but it’s not so good that I would sleep outside in a tent in -10F degree weather to be one of the first people to get in. Oh yes, people did that. LOTS of people. 
I started reading the Wife After God devotional and am doing “online discussions” with Kate and a few other ladies. I was so excited when Kate suggested this since I’ve been wanting to do a devotional and discussion for a while now. I’ll let you know how it goes.
What do you all have planned this weekend? We’re supposed to be celebrating my MIL’s birthday on Saturday, but with snow and ice on the way we may be staying inside and snuggling in our pjs. Whatever you do, have a wonderful weekend!


  • Brownie

    As a bonafide southern girl I am with you on the chic fil a. I do not understand how that would make anyone want to camp out. Hello it is a freakin' peanut oil fried chicken sandwich. But I have to flip the coin and tell you that normally that is where we end up when we go to a town that has one (my little map dot does not have one). Get that towel and use that towel. I am doing the Jesus Calling devotional….love it.

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