25 Elf on the Shelf Ideas for the Lazy Parent

I don’t know about you, but I have a love/hate relationship with our Elf on the Shelf. I love him because my kids love him so much and I hate him because he can be A LOT of work. There have been so many times I’ve gone to bed only to wake up in a panic because I didn’t move the darn thing. And as much as I love Pinterest, if you search Elf on the Shelf, you’ll likely see hundreds of examples that require way more work than I’m willing to put in. But have no fear! I’ve done some digging and rounded up my favorite Elf on the Shelf Ideas for all my fellow lazy parents. All of these ideas require little to no materials and can be put together in less than a minute. Lazy parents unite!

Elf of the Shelf in the sink

Two.Elf of the Shelf writing Christmas list

Three.Elf of the Shelf in bag of M&Ms

Elf of the Shelf making dinner

Five.Elf of the Shelf relaxing in marshmallows

Six.Elf of the Shelf brushing teeth

Seven.Elf of the Shelf sleeping bags in socks


Eight.Elf of the Shelf writing with chalk

Nine.Elf of the Shelf sleeping in a Kleenex bed

Ten.Elf of the Shelf drawing faces on eggs


Eleven.Elf of the Shelf stuck in a glass

Elf of the Shelf toilet paper hide n seek


Elf of the Shelf on strike

Fourteen.Elf of the Shelf making rice angels

Elf of the Shelf riding a dinosaur

Sixteen.Elf of the Shelf watching movie with remote and popcorn

Seventeen.Elf of the Shelf wrapping presents

Eighteen.Elf of the Shelf with tools

Elf of the Shelf wrapped in toilet paper

Twenty.Elf of the Shelf toilet paper sled

Twenty One.
Elf of the Shelf in microwave with popcorn

Twenty Two.
Elf of the Shelf sledding in shoes

Twenty Three.Elf of the Shelf playing poker

Twenty Four.Elf of the Shelf hiding in fridge

Twenty Five.Elf of the Shelf rock climbing with bows

If you do any of these ideas or even your own, make sure to tag me in your picture on Instagram. I’d love to see what your Elf gets into!

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