• Motherhood

    A Brothers Love

    One of my greatest fears when I was pregnant with Jack is that I would somehow be ruining Ben’s life. Dramatic much? I know. Ben would no longer get my undivided attention and we would be brining home a baby who would require a lot. The baby was going to take a lot of our time, our love, Ben’s old playroom would be the new baby’s room, and we would no longer be able to leave the house at the drop of a hat. A few days after bringing Jack home, I curled up in bed with Ben and attempted to read a bed time story. Not even one minute…

  • Life

    Brotherly Love

    The other night we went with J’s parents and brother to Chuck E Cheese. Of course Ben had fun, but I don’t think he had as much fun as these two. There’s nothing quite like two almost 30 year old brothers playing a video game meant for a 5 year old.