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Lauren over at My Grey Desk is hosting a fashion challenge for all us ladies. Since I didn’t get my sh*t together in time I’ve created my own little challenge for myself. 30 different outfits in 30 days. Of course I’m able to mix and match the same tops and bottoms, but no exact outfit duplicates for 30 days. Here’s the first 6 outfits. And yes the mirror and lighting are still horrific in this house too. I will find a solution. Even if it’s just some Windex.
Dress Victoria’s Secret online//Cardigan OldNavy//Shoes Target//Bracelet Forever21//Necklace Forever 21 online

Skirt Maxx Stuido via Marshalls recent//Shirt OldNavy//Shoes Target//Bracelet $1 Jewelry Store St. Louis//Necklace JCrew via Ebay

Pants Target//Shirt Marshalls recent//Shoes American Eagle via Payless//Watch Kenneth Cole via Nordstrom

Skirt Victoria’s Secret online//Cardigan Marshalls recent//Shirt Old Navy//Necklace American Eagle//Bag Tory Burch

Pants The Limited//Shirt OldNavy//Shoes Target//Watch Kenneth Cole via Nordstrom//Earrings Banana Republic

Dress Target//Cardigan OldNavy//Shoes New York and Co//Watch Kenneth Cole via Nordstrom//Earrings Payless
This weekend my office moved into a new building. Half of the office moved two weeks ago and the rest of the office moved this Saturday which meant I got to help pack, move, and un-pack boxes. Did I mention it was almost 100 degrees with 100% humidity?
The rest of the weekend was spent teaching Ben how to play old school Mario. Like the first Mario ever.
Helping daddy mow on his “mower.”
Sunday morning breakfast and a bacon smile at breakfast.

We rounded out the weekend with some Funfetti Cookies.
What did you all do this weekend? Anyone up for the fashion challenge? 

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