Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

Ever have one of those weekends where you’re just in a funk? I found myself to be extra grouchy and easily annoyed but the weather was gorgeous so I tried to snap out of it before I completely lost my shit. 
This was my uniform pretty much all weekend. The top is thrifted and was just one of the many things I got in a huge thrifting haul a few weeks ago. I love the quilted shoulders and it’s so comfortable. 
It was 75 degrees on Saturday and the boys were begging to go outside the minute they got up. Jack got this car for Christmas and it’s nice because both boys can ride in it at the same time. 
We went to a park with a small lake and then walked the trail around it before getting some lunch.
We ran by the house before lunch so the boys could change into shorts since we were eating outside and they were sweating. In the middle of winter. Is he not the cutest 🙂
Ben had some birthday money left and wanted to get a Fitbit so J took him to Best Buy while Jack and I put together his Valentine’s for his school party.
On Sunday morning I realized that the playroom was pretty clean so I decided to finally take pictures for a room reveal post. Here’s a little sneak peak. 
It wasn’t as warm on Sunday but I’ll take 55 degrees in February any day. We headed to a new trail and all was well until we ran into this skull right in our path. I think the teeth freaked the kids out the most 🙂 Ben had a great time and he’s definitely my hiking buddy. Jack not so much. 
I promised Jack some ice cream when he finished the trail. Blueberry for him and strawberry for Ben.
I had Nutella Cookie and just thinking about it is making me drool.
And then I made Chicken Pad Thai for dinner and no one ate it except me. So that added to my good mood. I usually use fettuccini noodles but was out. 
I’m off to watch the new Walking Dead episode and hoping tomorrow is a better day! 
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