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Resolutions Update

With February well underway I figured now would be a good time to check in and see how I’m doing on my 2017 resolutions. In my original resolutions post, I told you that I chose the word EMBRACE for this year and boy has it turned out to be a good one.

one. Travel. Near, far, and everywhere in between. Especially just with our little family of four.
After a December full of traveling, we didn’t go anywhere in January, but we do have lots of fun things on the books including a little getaway for Spring Break and J and I are taking a trip for our anniversary in April.
two. Build up our savings. Last year we paid off a lot of our student loans and this year I want to focus on our savings account. And even retirement. 
We moved some of our retirement into better performing investments and I’m finally getting a new car so we’ll be saving as much as we can for that. 
three. More one-on-one/family time with the boys. Real time, not them playing and me doing laundry or cleaning. Really focusing on them and giving them my full attention.
We’ve been setting aside special time after dinner to play games or do learning activities and it’s been fun for everyone. Spot-It, Go Fish, and Duck Duck Goose have been the favorites so far. 

four. Take an anniversary trip in May.
Due to a work obligation for J we’re going in early April now instead of May, but Washington D.C. here we come! Hotel is booked, restaurants are reserved, and all that’s left is plane tickets. 

five. Finish decorating our house. We’ll have been here two years in May so it’s about time.

The main floor and upstairs are completely painted and I’ve picked out some artwork and new light fixtures. Progress is definitely being made.   

six. Be more conscious about my food choices and increase my work outs.
One thing I’ve really been trying to focus on is everything in moderation. I’ve definitely been more mindful about what I’m eating and with the random warm weather we’ve been having I’ve been getting outside and walking or hiking with the boys. I’ve also slipped in a few early morning workouts and boy are those rough.
seven. Daily time with the Word and doing bible stories with the boys.
I started off strong with She Reads Truth and then I couldn’t get into the new lesson for February. I need to find a book bible study so if you have any recommendations let me know. I’ve found lots of cute bible story ideas on Pinterest for the kids so now I just need to do them. Jack has been really into saying the prayer every time we eat which has encouraged all of us to get back into this routine. 

eight. Continue to set a budget each month and stick to it. This includes cooking more at home and eating out way less.
January budget was okay but I’m determined to stick to February’s. This is the first month I’m trying out monthly meal planning and so far so good. It’s helped us cut back on the eating out and I love knowing I already have an entire month’s worth of meals planned.
nine. Be more on top of all things cleaning/organizing. Morning time can be rough, so having everything organized and ready to go the night before really helps.
I’m packing lunches at night and making sure Ben’s backpack has everything he needs so he can just grab it in the morning. Not every morning is perfect, but I feel like they’re way less stressful now. 
ten. Blog more regularly. I love that blogging allows me to look back on what was happening in our lives.
If you’re reading this then I think you know posts have been sporadic. The truth is, I don’t want blogging to become a chore and it has it’s way of becoming that. Instead of forcing myself to get posts up, I’m choosing to spend that time with my family or having a little me time and watching a mindless reality show. But hang in there, new posts are coming. I also hope to do a few vlogs as well.

eleven. Continue dating my husband. 
We’ve haven’t had much alone time so far this year, but we did manage to sneak away to a movie. We’re having a late Valentine’s dinner this weekend and we’re both super excited for D.C. in April.
twelve. Teach the boys to give back and help out around the house more.
I’ve slacked a little on this one. They do a good job of helping out when asked, but I need to be more consistent about them doing the same chores every day.

thirteen. Figure out a great night time skincare routine because my face ain’t getting any younger.
Haven’t done a dang thing with this one and I’m feeling overwhelmed with all the products out here. Help!

fourteen. Check in on these resolutions every month and post updates on how it’s going.

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