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Weekend Recap

Summer’s over. We technically still have a few more weeks, but in my mind it’s done. And man did it go fast. Is it age that makes it seem to go even quicker? Busyness? Kids? Whatever it is I can’t believe fall is upon us and Christmas is just a mere three months away. But before I get carried away, here’s what we were up to this Labor Day weekend.

Friday night we met my sister and her family at the football stadium to watch Wonder Woman. About halfway through the movie the kids were getting bored and the temperature cooled way down so we packed it in early.

Family watching movie field

Cousins watching outdoor movie

Saturday was the final dip in the pool which didn’t last long since the water was freezing.Weekend Recap Boy playing jumbo Jenga

Sunday night was another outdoor movie with my best friend who was in town for the weekend. Her parents set up Trolls in their backyard and the kids ate boxes of candy under the disguise of darkness.Weekend Recap Outside Movie

This is what happens when neither you nor your husband are outdoor camping people 🙂 While we were gone J set the tent up and just like last year, the kids had a blast. And I didn’t have to deal with bugs.Boys camping indoors Weekend Recap S'mores

On Monday we did some work around the house, I helped my mom recover some dining room chairs, and we wrapped up the weekend at Mexican with my MIL.

Hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing weekend. Now here’s to remembering tomorrow’s actually Tuesday. Linking up with Biana for Weekending.

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