Weekend Recap


Another great weekend is in the books which makes going back to work Monday that much harder. This is a super busy time of year for my husband’s job which means he’s been working some long hours. Saturday was devoted just to family time and we started kicked the day off with donuts and gummy bears on donuts.

My husband doesn’t make much of an appearance on the blog or any social media but here’s proof that he does exist. And to stick with the healthy eating train, we opted for shaved ice for lunch followed by flying kites.Weekend time: Dad with young sons

The wind was perfect and since there’s no power lines in our neighborhood we didn’t have to worry about any of us dying.Dad and sons flying kite

This kid. He didn’t understand why he couldn’t be on our porch in the nude. I love the look on his face.Young child on the porch

Sunday we grabbed lunch at our favorite brewery and then the boys and their cousin swam at the pool while my friend Alissa and supervised the chaos.
Draft beer on brewery patio

Before taking my niece home we stopped by a local ice cream shop where the flavors are just as unique as the artwork.Sparky's Ice Cream

I also ordered these adorable earrings from Ali Express. If you’ve never shopped on this site you need to check it out. These earrings were $2.25 and with free shipping! They do come from China so they take a few weeks to arrive. I’ve ordered several things from them and the quality is always great. Weekend shopping: Ali Express Earrings

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Linking up with Biana for Weekending.

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