That Time I Spent 24 Hours With My Husband

When was the last time you and your partner spent 24 straight hours together with no friends, kids, anyone else? While J and I are super lucky to have parents who like spending time with our children, we usually fill up that kid free time cleaning the house, DIY-ing & baking (me), working or doing man things (him) and we don’t usually just hang out.
Those 24 hours away from home last week, just the two of us, reminded me of a few things.
I really love a dinner where I don’t have to feed someone else or get up from the table 65 times because someone needs ketchup or a drink or they crapped their pants.
J and I are perfectly capable of having a grown up conversation where we don’t talk about our kids.

I remembered why I started dating my husband in the first place.

An adult drink while cozied up in a hotel bed is perfection and it’s even better when you’ve got someone next to you. 

When our kids get older we are going to make them serve us every meal in bed, room service style. And by older I mean in a few weeks.

But the biggest thing I took away from this time together was that I really do love my husband. Not that I doubted it or didn’t, but it’s nice to feel that connection with your partner again which can easily get lost in the day to day hassle of diaper changes and dishes.

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