• Life

    That Time I Spent 24 Hours With My Husband

    When was the last time you and your partner spent 24 straight hours together with no friends, kids, anyone else? While J and I are super lucky to have parents who like spending time with our children, we usually fill up that kid free time cleaning the house, DIY-ing & baking (me), working or doing man things (him) and we don’t usually just hang out. Those 24 hours away from home last week, just the two of us, reminded me of a few things. I really love a dinner where I don’t have to feed someone else or get up from the table 65 times because someone needs ketchup or a drink…

  • DIY

    Love You To Pieces (DIY Anniversary Gift)

    First things first, Happy Birthday to my mom today! We celebrated yesterday since her birthday and Father’s Day were so close this year. On June 5, J and I had our one month wedding anniversary. If you know me you know I love a good reason to celebrate and this little one month anniversary was the perfect occasion. I was actually out of town for work on the 5th so I planned a little surprise for J. I didn’t want to do anything super big or expensive so I decided to make a puzzle and attach each piece to a little gift. I then hid the gifts around the house for…

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    We’re Back and We’re Married!

    J and I got back late Monday night and although we had an amazing time, we were more than excited to be back home and reunited with the little man. I may have shed several a few tears. Updates on all the wedding festivities and the honeymoon coming soon!

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    Date Disaster

    J was feeling a little under the weather yesterday so I decided to take little man and go on a mommy- son date. We started off with dinner at a Mexican restaurant and he was so excited to be on a date with mommy.  The rest of the night went like this: When is date start? We’re already on the date honey. But this boring mommy. Alright, I thought. Nothing a ring pop and Target can’t cure. I want Ernie. No honey, you already have Ernie at home. I want that bike. Nope, you’ve got one of those too. (Whining begins) And much like all my dates in college, this…