Love You To Pieces (DIY Anniversary Gift)

First things first, Happy Birthday to my mom today! We celebrated yesterday since her birthday and Father’s Day were so close this year.
On June 5, J and I had our one month wedding anniversary. If you know me you know I love a good reason to celebrate and this little one month anniversary was the perfect occasion. I was actually out of town for work on the 5th so I planned a little surprise for J. I didn’t want to do anything super big or expensive so I decided to make a puzzle and attach each piece to a little gift. I then hid the gifts around the house for J to find throughout the day.
I started off by creating the “puzzle.” Make sure it takes up the entire page.
I cut the paper into 10 different pieces and there was no method to my cutting. 
I collected the goodies and taped a puzzle piece to each one. I hid them around the house after J went to bed.
The goodies were:
-Hershey bar
-Coupon to see Men in Black 3
-Coupon for a Free Grass Mow
-Red Bull
-Casey’s gift card (Saturdays are Casey’s donut days)
-Coupon for a massage
I tried to get things he could use/eat all throughout the day. For example I put the donut one in the kitchen so he could eat them in the morning for breakfast and the funyuns in the pantry so he could have a snack in the afternoon.
Even though it was simple and easy to do, it’s nice to take time out of the everyday routine to do something special.

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