Stop Pinning and Start DOING!

Okay Y’all. It’s obvious that many of us out there in the blog world have a serious addiction to Pinterest. It’s so easy to go along and pin something here and there. I find myself dreaming of the clothes I want to wear, the food I want to eat, and the projects I want to make.
Well dream no further. I am officially challenging you all to the Stop Pinning and Start Doing Challenge. With Christmas a mere 18 days away I am challenging you all to get busy on your pins. Make that organizer you’ve been dreaming of or those cookies you’ve been dying to devour.
Here are the details:
1. You must complete at least 3 pins. This can be a re-creation of your favorite outfit, a DIY project, recipe, hairstyle etc. Anything you’ve seen and pinned on Pinterest.
2. You must document it through pictures.
3. You must complete a blog post about your pins before December 25th. In your post, post the original Pinterest picture along with your completed project.

4. And most important, have fun and let your imagination run wild.
Why participate:
1. Who doesn’t like actually following through with something?
2. I find myself to be way more accountable when I have to document it or other people are doing it too.
Leave a comment below if you plan on participating. As always, if any of you are up for a pinning/crafting party let me know:)
Good luck and happy pinning!


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