Pinterest Challenge #1 {DIY Fingerprint Reindeer Ornament}

Well folks, here is my first official Pinterest Challenge Project. I’ve actually completed all 3 projects already and will be posting the other 2 later this week.
Let’s review the Challenge Rules shall we?

1. You must complete at least 3 pins. This can be a recreation of your favorite outfit, a DIY project, recipe, hairstyle etc. Anything you’ve seen and pinned on Pinterest

2. You must document it through pictures.
3. You must complete a blog post about your pins before December 25th. In your post, link the original Pinterest picture along with your completed project.
4. Have fun and let your imagination run wild.

Here is my finished project:
DIY Fingerprint Reindeer Ornaments--These ornaments are a great way to memorialize your little one's fingerprints
I started with a 4 pack of non-breakable ornaments from Target.
For some reason the day I went to Target I couldn’t find any plain round ornaments. All the ornaments they had either already had a pattern or were covered in glitter. Of course when I was at Target this weekend I saw several and they were 30% off. Go figure. 
For the next step, grab a small child and dip their thumb print in paint and press onto the ornament. This was the tricky part as the paint kind of clumped together and the thumb print was somewhat hard to see. When it dried the thumb print ended up being okay but J suggested using ink from a stamp pad next time. 
Next, draw on the nose, eyes, and antlers with a permanent marker. I also wrote Ben’s name and the year.
On the green ornaments, I ended up doing the noses red for a little more fun and the red showed up better against the green.
I think it would be neat to do these every year and see how big your child’s thumb print becomes.

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