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With Christmas a few short days away, I wanted to remind you all that it’s not too late to run out and grab a last minute gift for someone in need. It’s so easy during the holiday season to get caught up in buying the perfect present, having the best holiday outfit, and making wish lists miles long.
Every year I’m reminded of how lucky I am and we already have too much and much more than we need. Although I shouldn’t feel bad about being fortunate, I still can’t help but feel guilty at times, which is why giving to others is so important.
I know you all are aware of ways to give back, but here is one way we choose to give during the Christmas season.
Samaritan’s Purse is an international organization that ships shoe boxes packed with gifts to children in different countries. We have participated the last few years and really enjoy it. This year the theme was “This is how you pack a shoebox.” You pick the gender and age of the child/s and then fill the shoebox with things they might like or need. Then all you need to do is wrap the shoebox and drop it off at your church, a donation center, or send it in the mail. Many churches are donation centers and this is wear we drop off our boxes. This year we did one box for a girl and one for a boy.
Another neat thing about Samaritan’s Purse is that you get a tracking number for your package and they email you once your package has been delivered. We found out ours went to Somalia.
A few other ways to give…
  • Sponsor a family through your work or get a bunch of friends to sponsor a family. Each year my work picks a family and we all sign up to bring different gifts for each member of the family. It’s nice because the family ends up getting a lot of stuff on their wish list and it allows people to donate what items they can afford.
  • Don’t we all know the red buckets and ringing bell of the Salavation Army? How easy is it to drop in a few coins or dollars?
  • And my favorite easiest way to give back is the “round up or add a dollar to your total bill.” I can’t tell you how many times I’m asked if I want to add a dollar to my total or round up to the nearest dollar (i.e. $20.60 becomes $21.00 and the extra .40 cents goes to the cause). It takes no effort on your part and am I really going to miss that dollar or less? No.

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