Easter 2012

Finally part 2 of our Easter. I know you all have been just dying waiting for it.
J and I went to Easter service at church along with my parents, and my sister and her family. Before we went I made these little cuties for breakfast.
We also let Ben go through his Easter Basket from us. The actual Easter bunny comes at his grandparent’s house. 
I got Ben this new Easter basket from Pottery Barn kids. Unfortunately I left it at my parents house so he got to use a Walmart sack at J’s family’s egg hunt. 
After church we had lunch at my parent’s house and made the kids wait through a mini photo shoot, the entire meal, and celebrating my sister’s birthday before we let them hunt for the eggs.
Aren’ they adorable?
Happy Birthday to my sister!
Ben insisted on putting this spectacular outfit on for egg hunting.
After lots and lots of candy consumption, we headed up to J’s Aunt’s house for dinner and another egg hunt. You would think it was Christmas from all the baskets and goodies the kids got.
After dinner, all the kids waited by the door, while the adults checked to make sure the bunny had left his eggs and then it was every kid for themselves.
“He is not here: for he is risen as he said.”

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