Memorial Day: Part 2

On Sunday we got up and I made french toast for breakfast. I don’t really like french toast but J loves it so I make it for him and I’ve literally made it the past three mornings. 
After breakfast we did some cleaning and got ready for the air show. The air show takes place every year over Memorial Day weekend. I’ve never been but J used to go all the time with his family when he was younger. We decided to go around 1-1:30 and then leave when it ended at 3 and we couldn’t have picked a more perfect time. We got to see all the planes that we wanted and by the time we were ready to leave things were wrapping up and we were sweating. I was a little worried about how loud it was going to be for Ben because everyone kept telling us to bring ear plugs because the planes were so loud. Well we bought ear plugs and stuck em in his ears and Ben plucked them right out and chewed on them. Turns out it really wasn’t that loud and the noise didn’t even seem to phase him. 
On Monday Ben and I got ready in a hurry and my mom picked us up to take us to the parade downtown. It was supposed to start at 9:55 but by 10:30 there was still no parade and Ben was getting restless, crabby, and hot. We did get to see the parachuters jump from the plane, but after that we decided to just go ahead and go.
After a nap, J had to get some work done so Ben and I went to my parents Beach Club to escape the heat. This kid loves water just as much as he loves playing outside. He started squealing the minute we got there and splashed around the whole time. The best part about this pool is their zero entry area which is perfect for younger kids. 
After the pool we went back home, got ready, grabbed J, and then headed over to my parents house for a bbq. By this point, I was exhausted and J and I both looked at each other in the car and said “no more outside.” Of course right we when we got to my parents house Ben was ready to go play outside. J took one for the team along with my dad, and took Ben out to play while I helped my mom finish up the food. We ate and hung out the rest of the night and then headed home to put Ben to bed. Needless to say that after such a busy weekend J and I quickly followed after Ben and went to bed ourselves. 
I hope you all had a great weekend and that you are nice and rested for the rest of the week.

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