Happy Memorial Day!

First off, thanks to all the men and women who are serving and have served our country. We appreciate all you do and the sacrifices you make everyday. I hope that one day soon you all will be able to return home safely to your family and friends.
We have had a busy couple of days. I’m going to break up the weekend into a couple of posts because if I didn’t you would be reading for hours. Let me tell you, I’m exhausted and outdoor-ed out. We’ve been outside practically all weekend and can’t take anymore of it, especially with the heat. Ben on the other hand could live outside and I’m not even kidding. He goes and stands by the door or says ball, rock, go, go, go. He’s even learned a very clever little trick. He’ll say car and act like he wants to go on a car ride and the minute you open the door, he is off to run and play. Since he is so fair skinned we spray him up with sun screen, but since he’s outside so much he’s got quite a nice little tan going on from his elbows and his knees down.
On Saturday, we went up to J’s hometown about an hour from our house to visit his family and have a picnic. J’s aunt and cousin and his little boy were in town from Arkansas and it was the first time they were meeting Ben. The last time we saw his Aunt was at one of my baby showers so it was so nice to catch up. Ben decided he needed to rest up on the way there so he could play hard.
We ate lunch under a little shelter and then let the kids play on the playground. I know I keep talking about how hot it is, but at 95 degrees it was so freaking hot. The rocks at the playground were hot, the slides were hot, the swings were hot, everything was burning up. Ben loves swinging and the park had the coolest swing. We think it was for adults? It had a lap bar you pull over you and everything. Both J and I took turns in the swing with Ben and made the other one push.
Doesn’t that just look like fun? I kind of felt like I was on a roller coaster. Of course I didn’t manage to get any pics of Ben with J’s aunt, great grandparents, or his uncle Wally, who is expecting a baby in November! 
Playing with his grandma(J’s mom) and daddy
Ben with his cousin Jonah who was such a sweetheart! 
BTW: Don’t mind me in the background, I think I was trying to make sure there wasn’t food in my teeth for the pictures, ha ha. I love pics like these when you catch someone when they don’t expect it.
One thing that did make the heat a little more bearable was this:
An old fashioned ice cream truck! Everyone got so excited when we heard the trucks music. We didn’t have these where I grew up, but J said there was always an ice cream truck that drove by his house when he was little. 
J and I both got a Popsicle and we were going to share with Ben but Ben wasn’t having it which mean J lost his Popsicle. Then Ben decided he wanted mine so Ben-2, Parents-0. He was a sticky mess by the time we left, but he had a blast and I have to admit, it was fun to watch him try to juggle the two Popsicle while they melted. 

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