Still Here

We haven’t been going anywhere or doing much of anything lately hence the lack of posts.
It has been pretty laid back in our house the last couple of days. Ben is growing by the minute and I swear when I went to pick him up from preschool the other day he had grown since I dropped him off that morning.
 I’ve decided to not do Tell me Tuesday anymore because frankly, it was getting lame.
While at the gym I read my weekly magazines, those classy hard hitting journalistic masterpieces like In Touch, Glamour, Cosmo, and OK. In these magazines they always have an actor or actress tell 25 things about him/herself so consider this like 25 weeks worth of Tell me Tuesdays wrapped up in one little post:)
1. I have an older sister who lives in a suburb of Atlanta with her husband and two girls.
2. I don’t like chocolate cake, cookies, or ice cream. Give me all the vanilla.
3. Robert Pattinson needs to wash his greasy hair. 
4. I constantly struggle over being a stay at home mom or a working mom.
5. I would love to own my own party planning business.
6. After having Ben, getting to sleep until 7am is considered sleeping in.
7. I hate peas.
8. I would rather be cold than hot.
9. I love romance and getting flowers even though they die so quickly.
10. I love to go to garage sales. I sometimes get anxiety about all the great deals I’m missing out on if I know a really good neighborhood is having a huge sale and I can’t go.
11. Almost all of my really good friends have known each other since high school or before.
12. I always knew I would never meet the man of my dreams in a college class, mostly because I usually looked like I had just gotten up or had a baseball cap on. 
13. I was right about #12. I met him through mutual friends.
14. I don’t miss not having pets. It’s one less mess that I have to deal with.
15. I have a coupon binder and hardly ever go shopping without some kind of coupon.
16. Our parents paid for both J and I’s college and we are so thankful to not have huge student loan bills.
17. I love to travel even if it’s just a day trip two hours away.
18. I want to take a road trip across the country with J and not get into an argument the entire time:)
19. I LOVE newborn babies.
20. Dill pickles are disgusting but I love sweet ones.
21. I was over American Idol about 6 seasons ago.
22. I love having a nice long dinner at a restaurant with people I love.
23. I have the best in-laws I could have ever dreamed of.
24. Dean Cain was my first t.v. star crush. The older both of us got, the less cool and handsome he seems.
25. I think I’m almost at the point where I want another baby…almost:)

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