The Last Night

I wanted to give you all an update on Ben’s last night with his ba-ba. For Ben it was like every other night and although I told him the bottles were going bye bye, he’s 17 months so I’m not sure how much he understands. Tonight will be the true test on how it goes since it’s his first night without one. I let him pick out some cool new sippy cups at the store yesterday so hopefully that will help with the transition.
Last night it just so happened to storm complete with thunder, lighting, wind and rain that sounded like there was a hurricane outside. My first thought was great, the storm is going to keep him from going to sleep and ruin my last bottle/rocking him to sleep experience. Thankfully he’s a pretty sound sleeper and could have cared less. It must have been all that Rock Band J and I played when he was in utero.
You should have seen us last night. Looking back on it now, it seems quite comical. J came into Ben’s room while I was rocking him and snapped a few pics to document the occassion. Can you tell he’s our fist? Then J wanted his turn to hold Ben with the bottle even though he normally never rocks Ben to sleep. At one point I even caught a little tear from J’s eye although if you asked him about it he’d deny it. At this point, I think Ben thought we had lost it.
J handed him back to me, left the room and when it was just Ben and I, I started to cry. I was crying for everything that we had been through with him the past 18 months. I was crying because I remember rocking him in that exact same chair when he was an infant. I was crying thinking about all his first milestones, when he began to sit up, crawl, walk, and talk. But mostly I cried because he’s my baby, bottles or no bottle, he will always be my baby boy.

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