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 Remember Ben’s first movie I was taking him to? We saw Barnyard(well some of it) and Ben did great and lasted about an hour. The theater on the other hand, EPIC FAIL. We settled into our seats, the lights went down, Ben began to eat his popcorn and then about 10 minutes in the lights came back on and the movie stopped. Ben’s response, “uh-oh.”
The manager came into the theater and informed us that they had sent a large number of people to the wrong theater so they were going to bring all those people into our theater and restart the movie. Just as everyone crammed into what empty seats there were(some people had to sit on the floor) the manager came back in and told us that we all would need to move to another theater since the current one wasn’t big enough. At this point I was getting irritated and Ben was tired of stilling still with no movie. 
We made the switch to the new theater and it was another 20 minutes before they restarted the movie. Needless to say I’ve seen the first part of Barnyard twice. Good thing it was a cute movie. Even with the mishaps, I think Ben had a great first movie experience. 
J’s birthday was a few weeks ago and we ended up having a a great time with all of our friends and family. Friday night we went out to dinner with a big group of our friends.

We also celebrated at lunch with his parents and brother and his girlfriend. It was during this lunch that we decided to not take Ben out to eat anymore for awhile. He’s so active and just doesn’t want to sit still and it makes the whole process of going out to eat unenjoyable. I’m reminding myself it’s just a phase and one day we’ll be able to enjoy a hot meal at a restaurant as a family. 
My parent’s wanted to take J out to eat for his birthday as well, but after the lunch we had, J decided Chuck E Cheese would be the best place to go. Such a dad choice. Not only did Ben have a blast, but J and I did too. We probably had more fun than Ben even. 
Ben loved this blow up hammer that only cost 4000 tickets which I’m sure is equivalent to $20.
On J’s actual birthday we just had a small celebration at home and didn’t end up going out to eat just the two of us until the following weekend. Since we had tons of cake I made a cookie cake. 

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  • Megan

    Haha, your blog is way cooler than mine 🙂 I have a kid I'm working with right now who says "uh-oh" and puts his hands to his cheeks – it's adorable!! His mom said to him, "Here kitty kitty" and the kid turned to me surprised and said "UH-OH!"

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