Jack: 8 Month Update

Jackers. Happy 8 months big boy! I know I said last month that you started lots of new things, but I think you’ve learned even more this month!
Even since last month, I’ve noticed that little by little your baby face is slowly fading away. 
What’s not fading however is your chubby little cheeks! I swear I could just kiss those things all day long. I’ve never seen a baby with such kissable cheeks!
You still have just two little bottom teeth and you like to do this thing where you rub your lip against your teeth. You are drooling and mouthing like crazy and I will be so glad when those 2 top teeth poke through! 
With only 2 teeth, eating table food is a little difficult although you want to eat everything so badly. You love mandarin oranges and easily go through two of the Dole fruit cups. You still get a container of fruit and vegetable baby food at dinner and you’re not too fond of squash. You also tried Mum Mums, yogurt melts, and apple ginger organic teething biscuits. You still take 6oz bottles every 4-5 hours, including 2 bottles in the middle of the night.
Speaking of the middle of the night… you’re still waking up twice. You go to bed between 7-7:30pm and wake up at 11:30pm and 3:00am. You usually wake up in the morning at 5:30-6:00am, take a small 4 oz bottle, and then go back to sleep until 7:30am. Naps are going strong and you usually take one longer nap in the afternoon and a shorter one in the morning.
You’re still in size 2 Pampers, but once we use this box it’s on to size 3. You wear mostly 6-12 month clothes and your sleepers are 12 month. Some 9 month clothing is too small, especially one piece outfits. I just bought you a new 9 month romper and you wore it once before it became too short. 
Right after you turned 7 months, you started saying Dada consistently. Of course. You also say something that sounds very close to hi and hey. One morning Ben came out of his room and we both swear you said “hi, dada.” It was so clear that Ben replied, “I’m not dada silly.” I’m sure it was a fluke or you’re a genius. You’ve said momma several times, usually when I’m feeding you.
You’ve really mastered crawling and going from crawling or laying down to sitting up. Several times I’ve come to get you in the morning and you’re just sitting there in your crib waiting for me. We have to close doors behind us now since you will crawl out of your room and go exploring around the house. Full on baby proofing is happening next weekend! You’re also trying to pull up on everything including the bath tub which scares me to death. It won’t be long until we say goodbye to the duck tub and move you to the big tub.
You started daycare full time this month and I know MeMaw misses watching you. Of course you got a cold your first week complete with a runny nose and you DO NOT like having your nose wiped. There were two nights in a row where you were so congested and just couldn’t get comfortable. You woke up almost every hour on the hour which made for a very tired morning. You also had your first dose of Tylenol to help you get more comfortable and it seemed to help.
You continue to be our happy, loveable baby. You love to jump in your Exercauser or Johnny Jump and when people hold you, you love to bounce up and down and kick your legs. You’ve also started moving and shaking your head when music comes on or when we sing to you.
Try not to get so big this next month. Love you my sweet baby.

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