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How’d We Do? {Summer Bucket List Update}

Since Summer is almost officially over I thought I’d let you all know how we did on our Summer Bucket List before I show you what we hope to do this Fall.

/Visit 2 state parks//
Not a great way to start off the list, but hopefully we’ll get to explore some this fall once the temperatures cool down.   

//Eat lots & lots of shaved ice// 

//Attend the 4th of July Festival at our Capital// 

//Swim lessons for the boys//
We didn’t do official lessons, but Ben did learn to swim on his own including jumping off the diving board.

//Mini Vacation in Branson//

//Finish sanding and staining our deck//
Anybody want to come do this for us?

//Explore and swim at Fugitive Beach//

//Cheer Ben on in the Mud Run Jr.//

//Spend lots of time at the pool//

//Get our ride on at Six Flags//
Done but no picture

//Have a water balloon fight//

//Celebrate J’s birthday//
Obviously this was done, but for some reason I can’t find a single picture from it:(

//Enjoy drinks and apps on our new patio furniture after the kids go to bed//
Got the new furniture and sat on it a few times, but no apps or drinks-so half credit on this one?

//Visit Tanganykia Wildlife Park//
This one will be repeated on the Fall list. It’s definitely a must do!

10/14…not too bad.

Did you have a Summer Bucket List? If so, did you get everything done you wanted to? Linking up with Annie for Thoughts on Thursday.

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