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Spring Bucket List 2021

Spring is in full force and it’s already shaping up to be better than last year, although it shouldn’t be too hard to beat. We’re not putting a lot of expectations on this season, but here’s our Spring Bucket List.

1. Spring Clean the House

Every nook and cranny needs a good scrub and purge. I’m going to use the 1 in 1 out rule to help us declutter and avoid bringing junk into the house-for every new thing that comes into our house, something else must go.

2. Family Vacation to Disney

One year after our original trip was cancelled due to Covid, we’re finally headed to Disney World. I know everyone has different options after travel but both myself and my husband have been vaccinated and Disney has very strict guidelines.

3. Try 3 Magnolia Table Recipes

I’ve had Joanna Gaines’ cookbook since Christmas and marked several recipes to try. I’ve only made one thing so far (it was delicious) so I’m excited to try more.

4. Decorate My New Renovated Office

We refinished our basement at the end of 2020 which means I finally have a dedicated office space for work and class. The room is cleaned out and the walls are painted, now it’s time to decorate and make it cozy.

5. Hike the Lewis & Clark Trail

I love to try new trails and this historic one is on our list for spring.

6. Plant a Vegetable Garden

We do this every year but this Spring I’d like to plant some new veggies including cucumber and lettuce.

7. Curate My Closet.

I’m keeping only what I love and actually wear. And since we literally didn’t leave the house last year, I could use a few new things for spring.

8. Update the Boys’ Rooms.

Nothing totally wild just a few little updates to better match their current style and taste.

9. Read 2 Personal Development Books.

After all the readings I have to do for my PhD classes, there’s not a whole lot of time left for reading I want to do. 2 books seems doable and if they’re good, I’ll share which ones I chose.

10. Make a Bird Feeder

I love the sounds of birds chirping in the morning and I’m sure they’d love a little snack to eat.

11. Plan a Summer Roadtrip

It won’t be anything super big or elaborate since we just got back from Disney, but I’m already itching to plan another trip. Nothing screams summer like a good old fashioned road trip.

12. Visit the Farmer’s Market

We usually go during the summer but the market is open and I’m interested in seeing what’s available during the spring.

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