• 5 Pieces to Refresh Your Spring Wardrobe
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    5 Pieces to Refresh Your Spring Wardrobe

    In the past week we’ve had a high of 82 degrees and a low of 33. In addition to wreaking havoc on everyone’s allergies, the giant temperature flucuations makes getting dressed a challenge. In hopes of consistent (and warmer) weather, I’m refreshing my spring wardrobe and adding a couple of new things to get me to summer.

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    Spring Bucket List 2021

    Spring is in full force and it’s already shaping up to be better than last year, although it shouldn’t be too hard to beat. We’re not putting a lot of expectations on this season, but here’s our Spring Bucket List.

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    Spring Favorites Under $50

    Anyone else go through phases were you feel like there’s nothing you want to buy and then all of a sudden BAM! I’ll take one of everything that’s ever exsisted please. I’m really trying to go through our house, room by room, and get rid of everything we don’t use or need and that includes my closet. As hard as it can be to get rid of certain pieces, it’s nice to get rid of things I no longer like or haven’t worn in forever. Once that’s done I then treat myself and pick out a few new pieces that I absolutely love.

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    Spring Bucket List 2017

    photo via You know I love me a good Bucket List and while I’ve always done one for Summer, Spring’s been left out. Since yesterday was the first official day of Spring, here’s some things I hope to do before summertime rolls around.  //Deep clean the entire house// Open up the windows, tidy each and every area, and get rid of everything we don’t need.  //Go on a picnic// A spring must before the temperatures get too hot. //Dye Easter Eggs// After seeing this tutorial using silk ties, I can’t wait try it out. //Get a pedicure// Is it sad I have to schedule this one on a bucket list? My toes are…

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    Buds in Bloom

    Well Spring was here. Actually it was more like Summer. We’ve had 80 and 90 degree weather for the last couple of weeks and decided to take advantage of it and start our “garden” a little early this year. Of course this morning it was a brisk 45 degrees, so hopefully all our little buds will survive. I say “garden” because it consists of 4 potted plants and some flowers. One day we will hopefully have our dream garden in our dream house, but for now this works for us. And considering last year we got approximately 2 peppers out of everything we planted, I didn’t want to go to a…