Father’s Day Weekend + A Birthday

This past weekend was busy in our house, but we’ve had so much fun the last couple of days. Thursday night we went to dinner for my mom’s birthday. Ben did pretty well and we got a table right next to where they make pizzas. Ben loved looking at the guys throwing the dough and they were so nice to interact with him. They smiled, gave him thumbs up, and made funny faces. I don’t think people realize how helpful/entertaining this can be to someone with a child.
After dinner J and I decided to give the frozen yogurt place another try.
After we got our yogurt we drove to the park to eat it and as we were getting out Ben decided he wanted to “drive.”
The next night I helped my friend Megan throw a baby shower for a former co-worker. She had a lot of people there and some adorable babies.
Instead of a cake my friend made this amazing fruit baby carriage. 
We spent Saturday at the beach club and Saturday night my parent’s kept Ben for the night so J and I bummed around the house and hung out just the two of us.
Sunday was Father’s Day and even though Ben was at my parent’s house we were still up by 8:00am. I made breakfast for J, his favorite french toast and I decided to do a little something special with it.
At lunch time we headed over to my parents house and we grilled out. For dessert I picked up an ice cream cake from Diary Queen that both J and my dad love.
While Ben napped we all played the DVD version of Family Feud and I’m sad to say my parents beat us. When Ben woke up we loaded up the car and headed to see J’s family. One thing I really love about J’s family is that they all get together whenever possible usually at his aunt’s house. All my family lived far away from each other so we never really got to hang out a lot when we were all growing up. I love that Ben will get to grow up with all his cousins around. We all met at J’s Aunt’s house. They have a pool and hot tub so we bbq’d and swam until it got dark. There are tons of kids and it’s so fun to spend quality time with everyone.
What a fun weekend we had hanging out and celebrating all the great dad’s!
By the time we hit the road Ben was pooped and so were we! 

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