3 Easy Father’s Day Crafts

    With Father’s Day right around the corner, here are 3 quick and easy handmade crafts to gift your baby daddy. Although it can get messy, slapping some paint on your little one’s hand or foot is the best keepsake for any parent. And I’ve found that keeping a handful of wipes right next to me makes clean up so much easier. Doing the actual prints took about 10-15 minutes and then putting on the finishing touches once everything was dry another 10-15 minutes. Are you planning on making some homemade gifts? What’s your favorite? Linking up with Annie for Thoughts on Thursday. Follow my blog with Bloglovin SaveSave SaveSave

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    Happy Father’s Day

    Our Father’s Day consisted of a big breakfast, a cool new toy, and lots of love.  Happy Father’s Day J. You are such a wonderful dad to Ben and we both love you so much!

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    Father’s Day Weekend + A Birthday

    This past weekend was busy in our house, but we’ve had so much fun the last couple of days. Thursday night we went to dinner for my mom’s birthday. Ben did pretty well and we got a table right next to where they make pizzas. Ben loved looking at the guys throwing the dough and they were so nice to interact with him. They smiled, gave him thumbs up, and made funny faces. I don’t think people realize how helpful/entertaining this can be to someone with a child. After dinner J and I decided to give the frozen yogurt place another try. After we got our yogurt we drove to…