Give Me Some Sugar

My boys. I can’t tell you how often I catch them doing things or I hear J tell Ben something and I laugh out loud. Ben is the mini version of J and sometimes the two of them are quite a pair. Last night I gave Ben a bath, lotioned him all up, brushed his teeth, combed his hair, and he was all set and ready for bed. Then I made a HUGE mistake. I decided to go to the bathroom which took all of 30 seconds but when I came back into the kitchen this is what I found.
That would be Tang. Remember that orange sugary kool-aid like drink that comes in powder that you mix with water? J and I were reminiscing about the “old” days and started talking about how he used to drink Tang as a kid so I decided to get him some at the grocery. Apparently Ben saw daddy making himself a glass and thought he should try it out. By licking his fingers and sticking them in the powder. Even worse, J then used that powder to make a drink. J was lucky Ben had just had a bath and was clean. Bad thing for me because my newly clean boy was now sticky and wired from all that sugar. Instead of getting mad I just had to laugh. Only a dad would do this and Ben totally knew that. 

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