DIY Playroom Bin Labels

Now that Ben’s 3, we’re giving him more responsibilities such as putting away his shoes, hanging up his coat, clearing his plate, etc. I found cleaning up the playroom to be a challenge because there was no organization what so ever. Wherever it would fit it went which led to disorganization. I also found that he wasn’t really playing with all of his toys because he had no way to see exactly what his choices were.

The first step was to purge and organize so that everything had a distinct home. Once all the toys were separated by bins, I took pictures of what was inside of each one. Pictures are great for younger kids who can’t read yet. I also labeled each picture for the adults, who might happen to help with clean up also:) I printed them out on heavy card stock and used a paper cutter to get straight even lines.
I picked up these self laminating pouches from Target to keep the labels from getting torn up.
Once the pictures were laminated, I busted out the hot glue gun and glued ribbon in a V pattern to the back. The V pattern allows you to tie the label on the bin.
The finished project!

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