DIY Monogramed Pumpkin

I know what you must be thinking. It’s March and I’m posting about pumpkins. Yes, I’m crazy like that.
Back in October I picked up a big white plastic pumpkin from Target for 75% off. For the past 4 months this sucker has been sitting in my office just waiting for it’s day to be made over and that day just so happened to be at the end of February.

I started by finding a picture of the letter I wanted to use 
Next, I free-handed the letter on to the pumpkin using a pencil to make the outline. You can also blow up the letter, print it out, and trace it, but remember it was February and I was lazy.
I then outlined the letter with a black permanent marker and filled it in.
And here’s the finished project.
The whole project took less than 20 minutes. I will say I was a little sad that I had to put this guy back in the basement with the rest of my fall decor instead of displaying him proudly by our front door.
Here’s to hoping my Easter projects get finished before Christmas!

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