Decorative Medicine Boxes

One great thing about moving is that it forces you to organize and get rid of things whether you want to or not. We’ve always kept all of our medicines, bandaids, etc in one big plastic container but it gets messy fast which makes it hard to know what you have. I went through all our medicines and threw away the expired ones and ones we never use. It was scary how many there were. When was the last time you took a look at your medicine stash? I guarantee that you probably have no less than a handful of expired stuff.
After I bought all new medicine to replace the expired ones, I didn’t want to just throw them back in the container so I searched Pinterest for a cute way to organize medications and came across these adorable and FREE printables from Dream a Little Bigger. I printed these out and in less than 5 minutes I had a cute and functional medicine boxes.
What You Need:
-Up to 4 Large photo boxes-I found mine at Walmart for $2 
(The printable has 4 different categories, but I only used 2)
-Cheap foam brush 
What To Do:
1. Start by cutting out the categories you want to use. I went with First Aide and Aches & Pains. The other ones were cute, but I didn’t want to have four separate boxes and honestly we don’t take enough medicine to fill all four.
One end of the box had this label spot so I just turned it around and used the end without. 
2. Using your foam brush, apply a thin layer of glue to the back of the paper. Line the paper up with the bottom of the box then glue into place. You want to glue it at the bottom because the lid will cover a portion of the top of the box once it’s on.
Notice how I glued it all the way to the bottom of the edge of the box. The lid covers almost a fourth of the top when it’s on.
3. Place items back inside each box. We used First Aid for all the bandages, gauze, Neosporin, aloe vera, etc. All the other medicine went into the Aches and Pains box. 

And there you have it! Fresh and organized, all ready for the next time you need it. 
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